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    6. This uniform was 98 percent nylon, 2 percent spandex. Made with a simple weave , this was the lightest uniform tested . The spandex added a slight degree of flexibility, stretch recovery and reduced weight.

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        Water soluble lace is a kind of embroidery lace, the reason is called water soluble lace, because it is water soluble non-woven fabric for the end of cloth, with viscose filament embroidery thread, embroidered machine on the ground cloth, And then by the hot water treatment to water soluble non-woven base fabric to melt, leaving only real three-dimensional embroidery lace, so only to leave this nice name water soluble lace.


    -single-breasted-raglan sleeve front with a five button closure-a fold down collar with a fusible interlining-long sleeves with cuffs and one buttonholes adjustable cuff tab-The top of the button down closure is open to accommodate a pen-front has loop tape to accommodate the Name and US Army Tape-front placket has a loop tape for the Rank Patch-coat has two bellow style top opening upper sleeve pockets and includes an eyelet drain-hole-sleeves have an elbow reinforcement patch-Both sleeves have an Identification Friend or Foe tab cover that can be opened and closed using hook and loop fastener-IFF tab cover is centered and sewn onto the sleeve above the upper sleeve pocket-double turned and cleaned finished hem

        Buy water soluble lace, please choose water soluble lace factory, welcome to the water soluble lace factory observation guide cooperation!



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    (这里原版的书文是:The mesh netting helps keep leaches from climbing up,” Mead said. “You can tuck them into the boot. It keeps the pants un-bloused to let air flow, and helps drain water.”,所用Leaches大器晚成词小编觉着是编辑拼写错误,Leech水蛭的意味更为适宜。卡塔 尔(英语:State of Qatar)


        Water soluble lace and the difference between the other lace: soluble lace and ordinary lace is the biggest difference is not like the ordinary plate as "see only income", it is completed after the machine had to go through a "boiled" process, The process allows the needle to deal with water when the solution is different from the ordinary plate.

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    water soluble lace

    要么棉和尼龙的莫代尔,57/43可是用来后生可畏种叫T420 HT的锦纶,求大神科学普及T420 HT


        Water soluble lace features: machine embroidery lace pattern, embroidered delicate and beautiful, uniform and uniform, vivid, full of artistic sense and three-dimensional sense.

    美利坚联邦合众国海军第25步兵师的一些士兵日前斯里兰卡举办了丛林ACU材质测量试验的行事,一同测试的还大概有大战性格很顽强在艰难险阻或巨大压力面前不屈和靴子,以下轻巧若干字美军八股。笔者只想说,Army那是直接用了从前马林e的测验场所吧,连帽子还腰封都协同不谦善了。今后ACU FILBE副包都得以算官配了!

    Features:-covered fly with a four button/ buttonhole closure, or three button/buttonhole closure, depending on size-seven side hanging pockets-two front side pleated cargo pockets with three buttonhole closure flaps-high end of cargo pockets at front of pocket rather than rear like ACU-two lower leg side pockets with one buttonhole closure flaps-side cargo pockets shall have three sewn-in eyelets hidden by the bellows-double needle seat patch and a pleated knee reinforcement incorporated into the pant leg at the knee-one piece single gusset-two front side hanging pockets-mesh fabric attached on the inside of the trousers at the bottom of the legs as inner cuffs-bottom of the trousers leg hems, the inner cuffs, and the waistband shall have drawstrings

        What is water soluble lace?

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        Water soluble plate does not require a lot of acupuncture, the most used is the most common "flat needle" and "flat bag", almost no less like "tatami", "E word" The importance of "flat needles" in water soluble plates is unspeakable, and the success of a water soluble pattern depends largely on the proficiency of the use of "flat needles".



        Water soluble lace material: water soluble lace with nylon mesh, elastic spandex net, LYCRA (swimsuit) cloth and other materials as the base fabric to water soluble paper as a foil to polyester, viscose and other raw materials for the veil, cotton yarn as a yarn, the ancient Of the embroidery art and modern developed weaving and dyeing technology innovation together to produce a variety of patterns rich in water soluble embroidery lace, widely used in women's clothing accessories.



    8. Finally, the Army looked at a polyester-based fabric, using a twill weave. Polyester is quick-drying and has low-water absorption. It’s strong but not as strong as nylon, and also offers a bit less elasticity. The blend is 58/52 polyester/cocona polyester, the latter of which is includes a carbon derived from coconut husks. This further improves moisture-management.

    海军在配发了崭新的树丛战争靴之后,又成功了改良型热季战争服的定型职业。可以知道United States陆军对此热带、宝鸡地区交战的依赖。当然那后生可畏所在最近来看最热的看好应该便是总结菲律宾和中华西海在内西太地区了。而陆军到底是蹭热度要小钱钱吧,依旧具有企图,那就一窍不通了。不过U.S.A.海军在单兵道具广泛超越的动静下,如故不停拓宽武装开荒的态势,依然很值得学习的。究竟无论给空降兵测验了全新的MOLLE4000公文包以至正在测量试验空降TAP,


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